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Koh Phangan. The name KohTao means Turtle Island; some say that the name is from the islands shape which is meant to look like an inverted down turtle whilst others maintain its from the days when the water surrounding KohTao were rich with turtles and Koh Tao was their breeding ground. The island was still under Royal Patronage in those days, but it didn't inhibit these fortune hunters from staking their claim. The very first generation of today's community started settling when they brought their families to KoToa and began to cultivate and reap the rich earth and natural resources on offer. Notwithstanding it still being under Royal Patronage, plots of land were claimed, and cleared for plantations. You can still see plenty of verification of the very large plantations throughout the island. The given name KoTao means Turtle Island; many say that the name is due to the islands appearance which is meant to appear to be an inverted turtle while others state it's from the days when the sea nearby the island was rich with turtles and the island was their breeding grounds.

Koh Tao is positioned approximately 70 kilometres with postcard like beaches Initially this small island had no one living on it, visited only by fisherman from near by islands when seeking shelter during storms at sea or when in need of fresh water and supplies. Consequently, as its reputation for beautiful nature, outstanding marinelife and amazing landscapes grew, better access was became available as soon as newer built were brought in to cope with the number of visitors being attracted to the island. Kohtao has to offer a lot of popular things to do one being scuba divingat most of bays. While visting Kho Taotourists can see typical picture-postcard views of shady palm trees , bright blue lagoons and beautiful sunrises

Koh Tao. The prisoners were all released and transported by boat to Suratthani on the mainland and the island was a desert island yet again. Engrossed by the beautiful coral reefs surrounding Koh Toa, and the increase in recreational scuba diving, a number of companies started a scuba resorts for their customers, and over the years quite a few of these resorts transformed into quite developed places. Local farmers and fishermen saw that people from other places were building up Ko Taoto provide all these new customers and they too instantly initated a businesses to fulfil the visitors demands.