Well situated, Haad Tien Beach Resort is in walking distance to the nearby village, also yet directly at the beachfront.

Ko Phangan. Ko Phangan.


Koh Tao. These days reaching Koh Panghan. Ko Taohas unnumbered beautiful bays and waterfalls. Koh Toa's status expanded and briskly enlarged as it extensively became known throughout the world through adventurous visitors and international travellers. A culture shock to most people, but generally the island reacted with a passion to these new visitors, over the following months much change had taken place, new resorts, with more facilities, a new array of eating establishments offering cuisine from all over the world.

Koh Phangan. Here they brought to open their claim. It has loads to offer but hasn't lost what attracted tourists here in the first place, its still a petite piece of tropical paradisefor everyone to share and enjoy. Here they found something more then just a new island to explore and soon the backpackernetwork was buzzing about the exiting newly found island paradise of Koh Tao. Hyptomised by the pure white sandy beaches, the back of beyond aura, and of course the cheap living, backpackers soon arrived in droves. Straight after the terrible events of the December 2004 Tsunami, the type of tourist visiting the island have changed, previously it had been a Mecca for backpackers, young travellers along their way Chiang Mai and beyond.

Koh Phangan. Now a prison. Surrounded by adapting . The early 80's brought to full moon parties on Kohpangan. Consequently, as its reputation for gorgeous nature, outstanding marinelife and amazing landscapes got bigger, better access was available when better built were brought in to cope with the number of back packers being attracted to the island. KoToa's standing increased and rapidly increased as it widely became known all over the world through adventurous visitors and international travellers.