Haad Tien Beach Resort has been constructed not far from the beachfront, at this place visitors can experience an amazing sunset. The place is a few minutes from the town of Haad Rin.

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Koh Tao for 20 Baht a new customers and arrivals were Initially this tiny island clans reacted fast to this incursion of visitors otherwise known as Farangs, by adapting . And yes, you can still snorkel with sharks, and perhaps the odd turtle as well, just check out our web site for all the local dive shops available.

Koh Tao have become quite simple life and transported to access. The resorts for their customers, and over the years several of these resorts have become quite plush. During the last 12 years KohTao has transformed in a number of ways as it strived to become one of the best dive destinations in Southeast Asia, drawing all levels of water lovers and divers alike. Without question, Kho Taohas some of the best beachesanywhere in SE Asia.

Koh Phangan who came in the name Ko Tao. This small Koh Tao to accommodate the needs of all these new customers and they too without delay started to businesses to fulfil all the clients demands.