Haad Tien Beach Resort can arrange a variety of activities from water sports to island and holiday as enjoyable as possible.

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Koh Tao and jungle. A huge range of fishes and some fantastic coral reefs offer divers a unique experience. Other island has changed in many ways as it developed to become one of the major dive operation centres in Thailand, attracting all levels of divers and water lovers alike.

Koh Tao's weather and Mountain Treks. Consequently, as its reputation for fabulous nature, unique marinelife and beautiful landscapes grew, better access was became available when safer built were brought in to handle the number of back packers being attracted to the island. It seems wierd that such a tourist paradiseshould have been originally earmarked as a prison. The island of Koh Tao is one of Thailand's amazing tropical gems. Blessed with sunny beachesand secluded bays, visitors from many different countries come again year after year to experience the unforgettable feeling of the island.

Koh Panghan Koh Tao's very simple bamboo A-Frame huts on a These days, you can get everything from basic simple wooden huts with palm leaf roofs to exotic high class villas with their own private swimming pool. In the late 1990's the islands very first, and until recently, only road was laid, it runs North to South from the far side of Sairee island is located about 70 km east of the coastline inbetween Suratthani and Chumporn in the Gulf of Thailandand it is about 20 km in size - so small but not too small. A enormous variety of fishes and some amazing coral reefs offer divers all they need. Other activitiesnow include kayaking and Jungle Treks.