Haad Tien Beach Resort is situated in the gorgeous island of Koh Phangan, an island surrounded by sensational secluded beaches with luscious tropical jungles, great waterfalls and breath taking hill side sunset views.

Koh Tao.


Koh Phangan who reached Ko Toa's reputation spread and the simple During the last 11 odd years the island has changed in many different ways as it developed to become one of the major dive destinations in Thailand, attracting all levels of divers and water lovers alike. From the days of being a prison, through to its current development, Turtle island has retained it's charm, though it now caters for everyone's requirments and budgets. In 1947, then Khun A-Paiwong, Thailand's Prime Minister at the time, requested and got a Royal Pardon for Ko Tao's prisoners and with thanks to a gracious act by His Majesty the King. Kho Taohas a lot of popular activitiesone being snorkeling at many of Ko Taobeaches.

Koh Phangan. Occasionally progress can be a wonderful thing, it's a good thing Ko island ferries were disgorging people with suitcases, not backpacks, portable computers not guitars, and what is this; trainers not flip flops?!, and some had children as well.

Koh Phangan the wonderful thing it's still under Royal Patronage plots Kho island to explore and soon the island paradise of KoTao. Captivated by the pure white sandy beaches, the back of beyond aura, and of course the cheap living, back packers soon arrived in droves. Fascinated by the beautiful coral reefs around KoToa, and the increase in recreational scuba diving, some enterprises set up a scuba Koh Tao. These companies in turn built resorts for their customers, and over the years several of these resorts have become quite developed places.